My first camera was a little yellow box with a small square of plastic that popped up to form a view-finder. Basic is an understatement, but man I loved that thing. Thankfully, I’ve moved onto slightly more advanced equipment now, but my love for photography remains the same. It’s an unconditional love, and one that I nurtured during my Fine Art degree, which forms the basis for the way I shoot now. I swoon for candids and I don’t think anything beats the feeling of immortalising a beautifully genuine moment of happiness. My style is relaxed with a creative twist; I want to capture your day as it happens but tie the story together with a lovely artistic bow.

I don't know about you, but I'm quite nosy. I think, if I were looking to invite someone to spend all day at my wedding, or chill for a couple of hours with the family, I'd want to know a bit about them. Likewise, I love to hear stories of how my couples met or what they love, so don't be afraid to go into detail if you're contacting me. I'm going to waffle on a little bit now for anyone who is curious.

I was born in Surrey but now live in London (zone 4 counts, shh) with my partner Tom, of My main loves, after photography, are exercise, music, and food. I also really love birds (hence the logo), but images rather than the animal because once a pigeon flew into the side of my head which was a highly unsettling experience and somewhat put me off them, I'm afraid. But as an image, I find them beautiful and elegant and they make you feel peaceful but free...unlike that pigeon.

I was a gymnast for 14 years, so exercise is in my bones, as well as being healthy. I love vegetables and squats and yoga and going running when I'm on holiday (I'm sorry). Don't worry though, I also have a penchant for wine and ice cream too so I'm not all virtuous. Exercise keeps my body and my brain well, and I definitely think it plays a strong part in helping me keep my stamina for long wedding days and a calm head when things get a little stressful. 

I have one sister and three adorable nieces under the age of 5 who probably don't really know what I look like because I so frequently photograph them. Somehow, the middle one even looks like me, although she's the most mischievous of the bunch and I take absolutely no responsibility for that at all.

My favourite place in the world is probably Hope Cove, in Devon (this is where I am below!) because we visited yearly when I was a child and it's full of nostalgia of the very best kind. It's also a photographer's paradise, with sunsets galore, roaming hills and beautiful beaches. In my spare time, I shoot on an old film camera and most of my personal photography has been taken here, and I find it a tonic for the soul as well as a perfect way to exercise my creativity.

Finally, an 'about me' section wouldn't be complete without informing you of my deep and unwavering love for all things Harry Potter. Just to scratch the surface, right now my keys have a Deathly Hallows keyring, my coat has a snitch pin, and on the shelf in my living room houses all 7 hardback books in custom-made dust jackets. I told you it was deep.