I'm Jo, and I am a storyteller. But, as my secondary school English teacher might tell you, I 'lack application when it comes to words and tend to become distracted rather easily by, well, almost anything else that's going on around me'. So here I am, gracing you with a brief moment of concentration, just to tell you that - actually - I tell my best stories with images.

They'll tell you about when you said I do. They'll remind you that you held hands for a precious few minutes before the chaos continued. They'll show you that no matter how well the guys perfect their 'blue steel', the girls will be behind them screaming with laughter. They'll prove that one time, all your mates and family were miraculously in one place. They'll be there for a lifetime, taking you back to the best day of your life. 

Above are some of my favourite moments from recent wedding stories, so sit back and enjoy, then say hello at jo@joannanicolephotography.com. Tell me the beginning, and I'll help you with the story of your wedding.