I had a realisation, during the first wedding I ever shot in 2012, that this was what I was truly meant to do. Up until then, I knew I had a love for the arts but I was unable to see how I could turn that passion into a career. It was after the ceremony, when I took a candid photo of a guest laughing; it was a simple shot but it sparked something much bigger inside me. Fast forward 6 years and I’ve shot over 100 weddings, couples entrusting me with capturing the not only biggest day of their lives but also allowing me to witness something incredibly personal, which I’ll always be honoured by.

Having been fiercely obsessed with drawing as a child, my first (and perhaps most important) artistic achievement was winning a Blue Peter badge at age eight for a picture of a school bus. I went on to gain a first class BA honours in Fine Art, and I think I have the Blue Peter glamour to thank for my continued enthusiasm for creativity. Once I started work, photography became a wonderful hobby I spent all my spare time and money on. Imagine my delight when I worked out that it could actually be my full time job…it was like winning that badge all over again.

These days, as my hobby has become my career, I have had to find ways to entertain myself outside of work - beyond a blossoming appreciation for small-batch gin. A combination of travel, live music, festivals and exercise keep my soul happy and my purse light. I missed Glastonbury for a number of years as I was building up my business, but in 2017 I was able to go back and I was thrilled to find that being in your thirties does not mean you’re too old for festivals or copious amounts of glitter.

I live in south west London with my husband Tom, who has a good beard and happens to be an excellent photographer too, (because I taught him, of course) so is occasionally drafted in to be my second shooter. We make the most of being in London by going to plenty of gigs and enjoying overpriced brunches, in between attempting to plan for the arrival of our first baby in January 2020.