How long do you shoot for?

My full day coverage is 8-10 hours, which generally covers about an hour of wedding prep until just after the first dance. I find that it’s more than enough to take plenty of photos of the day, but if your wedding is going to be particularly long or spread out, we can always discuss adding extra hours. If the day is running late (as we all know weddings often do!), I won’t just head off and miss something important, but if it’s looking like you might need me for a while beyond the agreed time, we can decide then if you want me for some additional hours.

How many photos do you take? Do I get them all?

The final number is very dependent on the wedding I’m shooting, but as a minimum I promise 450, although it can often be more. There will be some I snap that don’t make the cut due to duplicates etc, but you get all the images that I keep and fully edit. Any others I don't retain will be blinkers or blurry!

Do you edit the photographs? Will you remove my double chin/spots/annoying family member?

Yes, all your photographs will be fully colour-balanced and edited in my artistic style. Some will be in black and white, whether it’s because I feel like it suits it better, or the lighting conditions mean that black and white will work better than colour. I don’t do too extreme Photoshopping; I will happily do some subtle perfecting here and there for any temporary blemishes, but won’t fundamentally change how you look - trust me, you’re beautiful as you are.

You take lots of natural photos; do you do any posed or group shots?

Absolutely! There are always certain group photos that need to be done and it’s the kind of thing your mum will love to have on her wall. But I keep these to a maximum of 6-8. Group photos are surprisingly time-consuming to organise and to be honest, as a couple you’re likely to get bored of standing in a line smiling pretty quickly. If you want 30 different groups, I might not be the photographer for you because I think my time is best spent capturing your guests while they’re having fun rather than concentrating on me. As for you two, I use a combination of natural shots where you’re focused on each other and some with a bit of gentle direction, but nothing you don’t feel comfortable with. My aim is always to capture the essence of you: fun, romantic, cool - it all works.

Do you shoot alone?

For my standard package there will be one shooter (me!) but if you’d like a second shooter I will call upon my wonderfully talented photographer friends and bring them along for an additional fee. The added bonus of a second photographer is a more diverse selection of angles and more coverage of the day, but it’s not essential.

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes, and I absolutely love them. They’re still a relatively new aspect of wedding photography but are becoming more and more popular. Bin off any preconceptions of it being a self-indulgent, overly-soppy exercise and think of it as a genuinely lovely way of both capturing you two as the couple you are, without all the wedding palaver. It’s also brilliant practice for the big day and helps the couples portraits run really smoothly. I keep these super relaxed; it can be in a park, at home, a location you love… I’m easy. Once I did one where the couple and their bridesmaids went fruit picking, so don’t worry about it being too traditional. My only stipulation is that the location is within 45 minutes of South West London, where I’m based.

What happens if you’re unwell on the day?

It’s never happened before (touch wood!), but if for whatever reason I’m unable to shoot the wedding, I’m part of an amazing community of over 250 like-minded and talented photographers I could call upon in an emergency. Any money you have paid me will be transferred to them and they will shoot your wedding. Alternatively, you can find your own photographer and I will return the full amount to you.

Can I give you a list of shots I would like? Will you photograph every guest?

Hopefully, you love my style and trust my judgement, so there’s no need to instruct me on what to take. If there is the odd shot that you feel is particularly important or that you would really love, absolutely let me know. If you have an enormous list however, it’s probably not going to be suitable. I photograph the day very fluidly; I take in everything that’s there from the tiny details to your most loved friends and family and document it. I don’t follow a general shot-list as every wedding is different and should be treated as unique, but I always have a firm idea of what I need to capture, using my experience of shooting other weddings. I will always do my utmost to get lots of candid guest photos for you as it’s one of my favourite aspects of the day, but I can’t guarantee a photograph of every guest, no. As before, it’s dependant on what’s happening on the day, and there will always be some people that manage to evade the lens.

When and how do I get the photos?

You’ll receive your photos 6 weeks after the wedding, which just gives me time to edit and organise everything. All your photos will be available to look at in a password protected gallery where professional prints can also be ordered, and you will also receive a little package from me including a USB with all your photos to keep. There are no hidden charges – the full set will be for you to keep and print as you wish.

Can we print photos ourselves and do we have copyright?

You’ll have limited copyright to print the photos as you wish and share online to your heart's content, but the full copyright will stay with me. That just means that you’re not allowed to re-edit the photos or sell without my permission.

Do you need food?

If I’m shooting a full day, yes please! It’s a long day and there aren’t many chances to stop, so a hot meal is necessary to keep me going. It doesn’t have to be what your guests are eating, but it should be at the same time so that I don’t miss any of the speeches or other good bits.

Do you charge for travel and accommodation?

I love to travel and shoot in a wide variety of locations so generally I'm happy to cover that within my price, however if it's a bit further afield from London, I may need to book accommodation which would be an extra cost: this means I have the flexibility to stay somewhere close the night before so that I don't have to worry about getting caught in traffic in the morning.