the icing on the cake

My darling friend Ashley very kindly agreed to model for Alex and I for our second boudoir collaboration. Ashley was absolutely sensational, and I know all three of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; her quiet confidence blossomed during the shoot and it felt so easy to photograph creatively and make the most of her natural talent for being in front of the lens. Given Ashley's other talent for baking, obviously we thought it would be fun to incorporate some cake into the shoot... and naturally it was only polite of us to sample the props which she "threw together at the last minute" once we were finished. (Seriously though, have you tried her baking? I highly, highly recommend it). 

I particularly love the shots where Ashley is smiling and laughing - boudoir doesn't always have to be dark and brooding and serious, and it would have been out of character for her to be that way for every image. There's so much room for personality and warmth in boudoir that I don't think people always consider; we're always told to "be ourselves" in order to look and feel our best, so it makes sense for the shoot to reflect that. I think you'll agree that Ashley's personality shines through her photos in a truly delightful way.