The bright side of the moon.

So, aren't I the luckiest. Another gorgeous lady decided to have a boudoir shoot with me and she was SPLENDID. Luna (not her real name, but I thought the alias suited her given how she [cheese alert, sorry] lit up the darkened room), strolled in with all the sass, declining my offer to 'start off easy with more layers', announced she was putting on some red stockings and totally blew me away. If she was nervous, she hid it extremely well, because once the lingerie was on and the camera was focused, she owned the room. You wouldn't know it either, but she was feeling quite run-down with a cold that day, but she well and truly womaned-up and fooled both me and the lens.

"I can imagine Luna just laughing her way through the boudoir shoot"... yep, pretty much! And it suited her perfectly; in between the smouldering looks and intense baby-blue stares, she'd let out big laugh and her smile was as beautiful as the rest of her. You wouldn't believe this girl turned up with rollers in her hair, feeling a bit under the weather, politely asking for 'hippy tea'.

She's a siren without even trying, but she did herself proud and completely rocked it - her are some of my favourites.