two thousand and sixteen.

I answered some questions recently for a blog series a friend of mine, Susie, is doing. It's based on people who've turned their hobby into a career, and I've had the loveliest response to it. When Susie put the call out for people to take part, I jumped at the chance because it seemed perfect for me, but I wrote my answers hastily on New Year's Day on my phone, while slightly (okay, catastrophically) hungover. It was only after I did it that I realised I had so much more to say on the matter, and also how important it is to encourage and inspire other people to do the same. So I think at some point I'll write a blog with a bit more depth on how I've built my photography business, but in the short term the other thing it made me realise is how far I've come and particularly what an incredible year it's been.

I started the year in Oman shooting a royal wedding with Paula Broome which was so incredibly amazing, and really something I never could have dreamed I'd have the chance to do. I also managed to get to Ibiza to shoot with Sara Lincoln, and that was equally amazing in a completely different way. Having the chance to travel for work? Yes please and thank you very much. Having said that, some of the seemingly most 'normal' wedding moments of the year happened to be my favourites: shooting some unplanned portraits on the Northern Line; going for a coffee break mid-wedding with a bride and groom; shooting a 10am wedding with only 5 guests. The big moments and grandeur will never stop being exciting to shoot, but the in-between moments are just as important and should never be overlooked or under-appreciated. 

I want to thank every couple who has trusted me to photograph their day; it's a big deal to put your faith in someone to handle a job that will be the main take-away from your wedding for years to come. And I never take that responsibility lightly, but it's easy to do when you care so much about your work. It's your wedding, but my heart has gone into the photos too. 

Here are a few highlights from 2016... it wasn't easy to choose them but hopefully it will give you a snapshot of my world and the worlds of my couples.