sunny spring wedding at cissbury barns

Pablo and Rose's wedding was my first of the season, and I was also recovering(!) from a month-long trip around the world and the associated jetlag, arriving home two days before. Obviously I made sure I got lots of rest and sleep before the wedding, but I still had those familiar butterflies which always seem to pop up after a few months' break. Pablo is also an incredible photographer and YouTuber so I knew everything needed to be perfect. But, I needn't have worried.

For a start, Pablo and Rose are the type of people who almost don't feel real; movie star beauty and obscene amounts of talent, but most importantly, incredibly warm and friendly too. And, as always seems to be the way, the people they surround themselves with are equally charming and delightful, which makes a wedding even better to shoot. 

I particularly love a wedding filled with musical talent, because I adore music but I don't have an ounce of ability, so I always find it fascinating to see people create it in real life. I was lucky enough to shoot one last year where the bride brought along her school choir to sing at the church, another friend did an operatic solo, and the bride's brother and sister performed their first dance. This, being the wedding of two opera singers, was equally incredible. I can't explain how wonderful it is to go to a church wedding and hear strong beautiful voices singing the hymns when you're used to the quiet and slightly embarrassed tune of most guests; it gave me chills. Pablo and Rose could barely stop grinning throughout (aside from a few happy tears), and a few of their friends performed for them after the ceremony which was really special.

Cissbury Barns in Sussex, where the reception was held, was a gorgeous venue and we were super lucky  to have a mild, bright day. It was perfect both inside and outside (styled by To Have and to Hire) and there were lots of great opportunities for the couple's portraits, including a stunning golden hour. 

The wedding day was the first time I'd met Pablo and Rose, but I felt like I knew them instantly and I couldn't help but be drawn into the emotions of the day. It sounds ridiculously cheesy but the feeling of love in the air, not just between Pablo and Rose but between them and their family and friends, was palpable.

All in all, it was a smashing way to start the 2017 wedding season, and I'm super excited for all the amazing weddings to come!