2 0 1 7: families and newborn

Alongside weddings I love photographing families and newborns. My approach is pretty similar to weddings: capture the moments, in a natural, unobtrusive way, using photography to document a slice of their lives. The shoots are often done in people's own homes so they can fully a relax, or a place that's familiar for the children. This way, I know I'm going to witness normality: for me, the shoots aren't about a big moment or perfection, they're just about getting some beautiful photographs of the everyday.

I shot some wonderful families in 2017 (including some you may know, if you're a fellow lover of Susie and Mia (My Milo and Me / Cigarettes and Calpol). I saw people bursting with love for their new (or not so new) little ones, laughing through the tears and tantrums and astronomic nappy situations, and appreciating every flicker of a smile in only the way a parent can.

So here is a small handful of some favourites from the year. If you'd like to know more about newborn and family shoots, please check out this page or get in touch.