Amy + Garry's engagement shoot at Alexandra Palace

Amy and Garry said that London signified the happiest times of their 6 year relationship, and they had a particular soft spot for Alexandra Palace and the area, so I was more than happy to venture up to North London for their pre-wedding photos. It was really wonderful place to shoot I discovered, and I was full of enthusiasm as we walked around the palace and found some excellent spots to take photos.

Even more of a treat than the location however, were Amy and Garry themselves. From the moment I started shooting, I knew they would be both a breeze and a delight to photograph. As my dad commented after seeing one or two of these photos, Amy has the most infectious smile, and I spent the majority of the time smiling behind my camera back at them. Full of laughter and genuine ease with each other, they were perfect from start to finish. 

Their wedding, which will be in London next month, is going to be full of wonderfully creative and personal details that make me SO excited to be shooting it. But the real cherry on the cake is getting to photograph the wedding of such a beautiful couple, inside and out.